List of supported Events

PartCreatedTriggered whenever a new part is created.
PartUpdatedTriggered whenever attributes of an existing part are updated.
PartSupplierCreatedTriggered whenever supplier information is linked to an existing part.
PartSupplierUpdatedTriggered whenever part-linked supplier information is updated.
OrderCreatedTriggered whenever a new order is created.
OrderUpdatedTriggered whenever attributes of an existing order are updated.
OrderCanceledTriggered whenever an order is canceled.
OrderShippedTriggered whenever an order is marked as shipped.
OrderDeliveredTriggered whenever an order is marked as delivered.
OrderOrItemsUpdatedTriggered whenever details of an order or line item is updated.
OrderScheduleUpdatedTriggered whenever the milestone schedule of an order is updated.
PurchaseOrderCreatedTriggered whenever a new PO is issued.
PurchaseOrderAcceptedTriggered whenever a PO is accepted.
PurchaseOrderAcceptedNewShipDateTriggered whenever a PO is accepted with a new estimated ship date.
PurchaseOrderRejectedTriggered whenever a new PO is rejected.
DirectorySupplierCreatedTriggered whenever a new supplier contact is created.
DirectorySupplierUpdatedTriggered whenever attributes of existing suppliers are updated.
DirectoryPersonCreatedTriggered whenever a new supplier contact is added.
DirectoryPersonUpdatedTriggered whenever an existing supplier contact is updated.
InvoiceCreatedTriggered whenever a new invoice is created.
ShipmentCreatedTriggered whenever a new shipment is created.
ShipmentUpdatedTriggered whenever attributes of an existing shipment is updated.
TaskCreatedTriggered whenever a new task is created.
TaskUpdatedTriggered whenever an existing task is updated.